CodeWorthy specialises in helping businesses grow their profits with custom software and databases.

We develop easy-to-use solutions for Windows, the Web and mobile – solutions that easily integrate with your business processes.

Why Do I Need Custom Software

Are you an existing business without a software system? Or is your current system not working as well as it should be?



New Applications

We provide an end-to-end software development service for different applications, including Web, mobile and Windows. This service includes analysis and design, documentation, project management, development, testing, deployment, user manuals and help files.

Maintenance & Support

Once your system is up and running, we provide ongoing support for the custom software system that we’ve developed (as well as software developed by others). This support includes debugging, modifications, database tuning, maintenance and backup planning.



Databases are the core of everything that we create at codeWorthy. Regardless of the business application, a well-designed database means your information can be stored logically and efficiently – and easily retrieved.

Business Intelligence

The concept of business intelligence is nothing new. What is new is that what was once affordable only for big business is now cost effective enough for small to medium businesses. Make better business decisions with data-driven insights based on transactional data, trends, graphical representations of KPIs and automatic creation of reports.

We develop apps for the following


Because these are available wherever there is an internet connection, your staff are not tied to an office. You’ll also have the ability to instantly deploy new versions by simply uploading to the server (no need to install on each user’s PC).


With mobile applications for your workforce, this means no more hand-written forms, waiting for paperwork in the post or re-keying back at the office. We can create a mobile application for you so that data saved in the field is sent to your office whenever there is a data connection.


Windows applications provide a rich user interface and excellent performance, without needing to communicate with a remote web server. These applications are best in an office environment and typically store data in a database like Microsoft SQL install on each user’s PC).

Are you a start up with a bright idea?

Software development for start ups is one of our specialties. If you’ve got a great idea for custom software, we’ll test your ideas at minimum cost, saving you time, energy and money.

Developing technology can be a daunting process, so our aim is to make you feel as confident and comfortable as possible.

We can help you by:

Making sure we clearly understand your idea before project start.
We’ll guide you through the process and validate your idea before you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on programming or building.
Building your software with you involved (unlike established businesses, we understand there will be tweaks and variations to your system until your customers start using it).

We know what it takes to run a new business and can also offer advice, mentoring and coaching on the start up process.


Do you have a project for us? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a customised solution.

Are you an IT recruitment consultant seeking short-term talent?

From a couple of hours up to a few months, we have an outsourcing solution for your short-term contract needs. codeWorthy offers either individual consultants or full teams with specialised skills in client liaison, specifications, programming and testing.

Our staff are experts in a mix of development tools and end products. These include Microsoft software development technologies such as SQL Server, Visual Studio to build, web applications, mobile apps and Window applications. Along with these skills, our team can also provide your business with on-going support and maintenance.

We are based in Australia, but frequently work in other states. With codeWorthy, you can reduce your recruitment costs and better manage your ‘smaller’ jobs.

Get in touch with us for a no-obligation pre-sales call to discuss your next project.


CodeWorthy is an Australian-based custom software development company. Our mission is to create software to help businesses streamline, simplify and systemise processes, so they can thrive in a complex marketplace.


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