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Software development can be complex, but the finished products should always be easy to use. Using Microsoft development tools, we design custom software and databases for start ups and businesses struggling to scale so they can simplify, systemise and streamline. Our aim – to help you boost productivity, improve customer service and get data-driven insights to boost your business.

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We have software solutions for smart growth

Are you still running your business off spreadsheets or a whiteboard?
Your internal systems haven’t caught up to the digital age. Your business is running on a manual or paper-based system, and essential business knowledge is locked in the heads of a select few. It’s a haphazard system which increases the chance for error, waste and poor productivity. You’re spending too much time training staff, and manually processing data and reports. You’re desperate for something that will free you and your team up to do the things that really matter.
Are you overwhelmed by technology and feel your fear is holding your business back?
Your business is growing faster than your systems can cope. But you’re caught in the trap of thinking that it’s too hard to change and re-train your staff on something new. Your current system is broken, but you don’t have enough technical understanding or confidence to know how to fix it. Maybe you’re not even aware your processes need help – or that there are innovative solutions out there for you.

We’ll help you start your business right

We’ll test your ideas at minimum cost

Have you got a great idea for custom software but aren’t sure how to get started?
Technology development can be complex and confusing, so it’s natural to feel uncertain about it. You might underestimate what can be achieved with custom software or not have enough knowledge to write the programs yourself. You worry it’ll cost too much. Perhaps you’ve already tried to create your own system with little success, resulting in a time-wasting and confusing mess for everyone.

Supporting your business goals

With us as your software development partner, you can streamline your business, boost productivity, have better customer service and get data-driven insights to grow your business. We create applications for Windows, Web and mobile

We have 6 core solutions

Web Applications


Mobile App Development

Business Intelligence

Windows Applications

MS Access Upgrades

Our Team

We strive to be Ingenious. Innovative. Intelligent.

At the heart of codeWorthy is a dynamic husband-and-wife founding team with a passion for delivering quality custom software to help businesses get to the next level. We believe in customer service that’s a cut above the rest. We offer consistent value for money.
The potential of technology excites us.
If it can be done, then we can do it.

Not all software developers are created equal

We have an in-depth process where we learn all about your business to get results. We prioritise customer service at all times, with quick responses and turnarounds throughout the dynamic software writing process.

I have always found Mike and the codeWorthy team to be responsive to our demands and needs. Often being able to look at the larger picture behind the issue that requires immediate attention, and providing a solution that not only solves the issue at hand but offers other benefits or future proofing for our business.

Nathan Inkpen, AGM Publishing

codeWorthy are an excellent organisation to deal with for custom business IT solutions. We have had a long relationship and have always received prompt, cost effective solutions to achieve our goals.

Ian Close, Architecture Media

Engaging codeWorthy was one of the best decisions I made. I received better than what I wanted due to their expertise in planning & knowledge. They were friendly and respectful of my needs. Their work was faultless and always on time to the scheduled plan. Would use them again in a heartbeat as I know we will receive the best service and outcome available.

Peter Hanham, Asplundh Australia

I have worked with codeWorthy over the past 7 years and would thoroughly recommend their services to anyone. They listen to what your needs are and offer suggestions to assist our requests. I thoroughly recommend their services and product knowledge.

Colin John, Chris Richardson Removals

We know how important software is to any business.
That’s why we offer a free strategy session to get you moving in the right direction from the start.


CodeWorthy is an Australian-based custom software development company. Our mission is to create software to help businesses streamline, simplify and systemise processes, so they can thrive in a complex marketplace.


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