Are you still running your business off spreadsheets or a whiteboard?


Your internal systems haven’t caught up to the digital age. Your business is running on a manual or paper-based system, and essential business knowledge is locked in the heads of a select few.

It’s a haphazard system which increases the chance for error, waste and poor productivity. You’re spending too much time training staff, and manually processing data and reports. You’re desperate for something that will free you and your team up to do the things that really matter.

Stop wasting your money on subpar developers!

We have software solutions for smart growth

We have software solutions for smart growth

 We Build Things that Support Your Business

Software development can be complex, but the finished products should always be easy to use. Using Microsoft development tools, we design custom software and databases for start ups and businesses struggling to scale so they can simplify, systemise and streamline.

Our aim – to help you boost productivity, improve customer service and get data-driven insights to boost your business.


New Applications

We provide an end-to-end software development service for different applications, including Web, mobile and Windows. This service includes analysis and design, documentation, project management, development, testing, deployment, user manuals and help files.


Databases are the core of everything that we create at codeWorthy. Regardless of the business application, a well-designed database means your information can be stored logically and efficiently – and easily retrieved.


Maintenance & Support

Once your system is up and running, we provide ongoing support for the custom software system that we’ve developed (as well as software developed by others). This support includes debugging, modifications, database tuning, maintenance and backup planning.

Grow your business with customised software by codeWorthy